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Aspiring physician-scientist. Currently studying B.E. Biomedical Engineering (Honours) and B.S. Computer Science.

It’s time to take steps to avoid the antibiotic apocalypse

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An explanation of PD-1 blockade and its applications for cancer immunotherapy

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It’s a sign that your immune system is properly functioning

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A step-by-step guide on tackling coding Pac-Man from scratch despite never having programmed a game before

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  • A knowledge of control flow (if, else, while, for, for each)
  • An understanding of classes (instance and static methods/attributes)
  • An understanding…

Plankton form the bedrock of the marine food web but their existence and that of the entire marine food web is threatened by the oceans becoming more acidic

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An explanation of CAR-T Cell immunotherapy and the mechanisms by which it treats cancer

Human T cell —

An explanation of the mechanisms behind how the CCR5 delta32 mutation confers immunity to HIV/AIDS and why scientists are so interested in it

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Guillaume Troadec

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